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ZZJ-800 crane duty DC motor

ZZJ-800 crane duty DC motor

ZZJ-800 crane duty DC motor
  • Model : ZZJ-800
  • Country of origin : China
  • Packing : wooden box
  • Gross weight : attached below
  • Brand : ZZJ-800
  • Payment term : TT at sight
  • Shipping : by sea
  • Delivery time : 30 working days
  • MOQ : 1 set
ZZJ series industrial DC motor




ZZJ-800 motors are a kind of DC motors used for metallurgy & hoisting, available for steel rolling machine, crane, elevator and electric excavator etc.
The motors have lower moment of inertia(GD), higher overload capacity, and quicker speed response so that it is possible to undergo frequent starting, braking, and repeated change of direction of rotation. Moreover, the motors are reliable, perform well in speed regulating, and can be operated suitably on thyristor continuerolled supplies.
The sturdy unitary round frame structure is highly resistant to shock impact. All the windings are vacuum pressure impregnated with class F insulation, to form an integral construction with the laminated cores, ensuring high dielectric stability and excellent heat dissipation. Besides, the connection between armature winding and segment risers is employed by TIG welding (inert gas tungsten are welding), thereby improving the electro-mechanical reliability.



Electrical machinery performance:


Basic type of construction is horizontal foot-mounted and 2 shaft-ends which are 1:10 tapered. Terminal box is located at the right side of motor viewed from the main drive end.
Rating, performance and outline mounting dimension all conform to the standard of IEC publication 34-13(edition 1980) Specification for mill auxiliary motor, and national standard GB5227 Specification for mill auxiliary D.C motor.
Modes of protection and cooling have 6 kinds:
1. Totally enclosed, self-cooling. IP44、IC410
2. Drip-proof, force ventilated with built-on blower. IP23S、IC06
3. Drip-proof, single pipe ventilated. IP23S、IC17
4. Totally enclosed, double pipes ventilated. IP44、IC37
5. Drip-proof, self-ventilated. IP23S、IC01
6. Totally enclosed, force ventilated with air-to-water heat exchanger. IP44、IC86W(only for ZZJ-806-818). It may also be made into other different types on request.




Structure synopsis:




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