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ABB partners with Philips to promote smart home concept in China

Beijing, June 29, 2015 -- ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, and Philips, the leader in global lighting market, today announced a collaboration in China to support the growing demand for smart home technologies. 

Through this partnership, ABB and Philips will provide integrated smart home and lighting control solutions to Chinese users – seamlessly integrating their respective Philips Hue and ABB “i-jia” flagship smart home products. In the future, with “i-jia” and Hue installed in a house, it is possible to control lighting with a smart phone or other smart devices, including the choice of light color and ambience to create the desired scene to suit their mood. 

As part of the partnership, ABB will work with Philips to launch a series of online and offline promotional campaigns, to explain the smart home concept and make the relevant products and applications accessible to more and more Chinese consumers.

“Advances in the area of intelligent and connected technologies is driving the development of smart homes and buildings. As a technology leader in this area, ABB looks to meet consumers’ desire for increasing comfort in their home, while minimizing energy consumption and the environmental impact. Our partnership with Philips and the integration between our ABB i-jia and Philips Hue lighting enables people to control their environment at the touch of the button.” PohCheng Gay, head of ABB China Low Voltage Products, remarked. 

“Philips believes that intelligent connectivity is the future of smart homes. To enable rapid development in smart home industry, all stakeholders should work in an open and collaborative way. Philips is the global leader in smart connected lighting and an active market player in the smart home field, we believe that lighting plays a critical role in the development of smart home. Our collaboration with ABB will improve Chinese users’ smart home experience, catalyzing rapid and sound development of China smart home industry.” Yu Yongtao, VP of Philips Lighting in China, said. 

ABB “i-jia” smart home control system

“i-jia” is a smart home system that features wireless network and infrared technologies, without the need of separate wiring. The system can control various functions – lighting, temperature and household electrical appliances in the home at any time, even remotely, through the relevant application in their smart phone. Moreover, the intuitive interface, designed for the best user experience, makes it practical to use – even children can operate it with ease. In addition, users can add and delete the types and quantity of electrical appliances on the control panel at their discretion, delivering a customized experience. The product has simple “plug-and-play” installation that replaces the existing traditional sockets and switches with smart ones to deliver a smart, connected home without additional renovations.

Philips Hue smart connected lighting system

Philips Hue, the world’s first smart connected lighting system for residential use, introduced by Philips at the end of 2012, is hailed as “the world’s smartest light”. Currently, the available Philips Hue series offerings in China market include smart bulbs, light belt and ambience lights. With Philips Hue installed, users can use an App in their smart phone or tablet to enable light control, light color switch and the selection of the lighting mode of their choice. In addition, it can connect the lighting system with different internet-based services or social network sites to provide weather forecast, appointment reminders, new message or even email reminders. 

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